CNA #6: political news

Appeals court rejects Trump effort to shield financial records

The Circuit Court of Appeals is requesting President Donald Trump’s tax returns and other financial records that go back eight years. However, Trump’s legal team believes that they are asking for information that is too outdated and expansive. The decision to examine Mr. Trump’s financial records was made by Robert Katzmann, Pierre Leval, and Raymond Lohier, all Democratic judges.

Harris and Pence face vice presidential debate with age, COVID-19 as backdrop

Despite President Trump’s health and COVID cases that seem to be taking over the White House, the vice presidential debate will proceed. This debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence is important, but it is not essential in swaying people’s votes. The hope for the debate is that it will be enlightening rather than chaotic like the previous one.

The Relief Deal Blowup: What are Pelosi and Trump Thinking?

COVID -19 has hit the employment of the U.S. with a sucker punch, more than 10 million jobs have been lost. The only solution for this is a relief deal between the Democrats and Republicans, but it appears this won’t be accomplished anytime soon. This has left America puzzled and with little hope of more employment in the future.




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